EZRA KOENIG masterpost. A list of all the songs Ezra has featured on aside from Vampire Weekend

//1// Carby - Discovery - 'The VW frontman joins the VW scarfman and Ra Ra Rioter for Discovery's infectious 'Carby'

//2// Warm Heart Of Africa- The Very Best - 'It's upbeat and inspiring almost to a fault - the lilting diamond-soul yelp of Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig holds it's own on the Upper West Side Soweto of the title track'

//3// Pyromiltia - Theophilus London - 'Pyromiltia is incidentally, the best thing he's put his name to, even if it is largely based on a fabulous neo-electro track called Carby by Discovery, featuring Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig of heavily Auto-Tuned vocal'

//4//  I Could Be Wrong - Chromeo - 'This track is a lot more jazzy than some of their other tracks so prepare yourself for some badass saxophone usage'

//5// Dynamo- Abd Al Amlik - 'Le refrain est chanté en français par Ezra Koenig, le chanteur de Vampire Weekend, rien que ça. Cela donne un certain charme avec une musique toute douce et poétique. Bravo donc/ The chorus is sung in French by Ezra Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, no less. This gives a certain charm with a very soft and poetic music. Congratulation


//6//  I Think You’re A Contra - Angelique Kidjo'New Angelique Kidjo live album out now. we duet on 'I Think Ur A Contra.' It's avail. in all the usual spots. she's dope & a friend of VW'

//7// Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce - 'Ezra provided brief vocals and made a cameo on this internationally famous song'

//8// Papa Hobo- Ezra Koenig [COVER] - 'Though Koenig has always used fragment’s of Simon’s falsetto in his recordings, here the similarity is absolutely uncanny in this lovely acoustic rendition, both vocally and instrumentally. A wonderful representation of the past and present'

//9// Jessica - Major Lazer - 'The Koenig-featuring “Jessica,” which premiered on DJ Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, bodes very well for what else is to come. The track borrows from Lee “Scratch” Perry’s earlier productions, combining crunchy roots reggae groove with spoken word bits and crooned falsetto highlights. The modern flourishes are kept minimal, allowing Major Lazer’s latest to drift in and out like a radio transmission from a bygone era’

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